The name Kamala means “she of the lotus” and is a common name of the Goddess Lakshmi who is linked with three  interrelated themes: prosperity and wealth, fertility and crops, and good luck during the coming year.  The lotus flower represents purity of body, speech and mind floating above attachment and desire. It represents self regeneration and is a symbol that is a close analogy to the human condition. In Kamala Sound, it represents the mission of personal and artistic growth through education, coaching, healing and music.

The Sound in Kamala Sound represents music and soundness of mind, body, and spirit. Sound is ‘transmitted vibrations’. In music, sound can be  ‘a distinctive style’. As an adjective, sound means; free from disease, worthy of confidence, upright, unshakable, safe and secure, showing good judgement, thorough, and deep.

Through education, coaching, healing, and music, Kamala Sound helps to bring people into their own awareness, to raise their level of consciousness, and helps people to find their own unique rhythm. Through  this, people will have the tools to succeed and better manage their lives, living with purpose and passion and living in wellness.

Kamala Sound is not only what I do,  it is who I am. It is what I stand for and how I spend my time. It exists because my life path was always headed in this direction. It is an evolving culmination of what I have experienced and learned and what I have come to believe in strongly. Given that we as a human race are moving into a time of greater consciousness while still being surrounded by chaos and confusion; music, education, and wellness are proven ways of establishing and maintaining  groundedness, sophistication, balance, and creativity. These are necessary ingredients for us to problem solve effectively and stay connected with each other and our global vision.

Individuals are looking for what they can do to take control of their own wellness. Companies are looking for ways to offer support to their employees so that they are balanced, productive, and healthy. Music is a universal language that connects us with our history, our  ancestors, and our innate ability and need to express ourselves creatively.

Kamala Sound is here to provide these services. Contact me today!